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Okinawa Karate Training Pilgrimage

2020 and 2021 have been a bust for traveling and training in Okinawa

Hopefully, 2023 will bring with it news of Japan opening back up.

This will be a Karate saturated training pilgrimage with half of the days training and the other half of the days eating delicious food to fuel our training and seeing the Karate Monuments around the island.

I’m so excited to visit these sacred spots in this ancient kingdom!)




This trip is karate pilgrimage and as such, not designed to be a “vacation” or adventure travel, but rather an immersive Karate learning experience. Of course, you will see many places and be guided in your travels, but the focus is on personal growth and not just sightseeing.

Students sit on the floor (if you need a chair due to health issues it can be arranged) and live simply.  The Karate pilgrimage includes group Karate classes with Hokama Sensei every day we are there.  All reasonable measures will be taken to provide and care for students, but the environments through which we will travel will impose limits.

We request guests to follow a code of behavior compatible with a Karate pilgrimage.  Consumption of large quantities of alcohol, non-prescribed drugs and use of tobacco is not permitted.  We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the trip at any stage and without any refund for breaching this code of conduct.

Students will see many sights in exotic locations, but the primary purpose of the trip is not sightseeing.  We will practice Karate and live a Karate lifestyle. We will hear about the history, and take our art to a deeper level by exploring its old ways through Okinawan Culture

This training and journey have been designed in the hope it be a magical, transformative, and life-changing experience!

The Students Agree to Follow these rules as a social contract:

  1. I will not criticize
  2. I am tolerant
  3. I take no offense
  4. I’m quick to apologize
  5. I see the good in others and I let them know it.